Jiva Botanicals

Category: Health & Wellness Jiva Botanicals founder is an expert in Ayurveda, but because his business booms, he needed a writer who was equally passionate about this ancient traditional medicine from India. I wrote several in-depth, evidence-based articles for Jiva on therapeutic herbs, for example, turmeric and ashwagandha, and provided several blogs on various topics.... Continue Reading →

Kooky Kids

Category: Education Book lovers and Kooky Kids founders needed a writer for their website. Their requirements? Must love reading (check). Must love writing (check). Must have some professional knowledge and experience in education for young children (I was a preschool teacher for several years and a university instructor in Early Childhood Education, so check). I... Continue Reading →

Kubu Jamu

Category: Health & Wellness Kubu Jamu is a brand developed by a lovely couple I know in Bali. Made and Onie live just outside Ubud, Bali's quasi-spiritual hub of artists and healers, and they make incredible local food, provide fantastic tours, offer peaceful accommodation to travellers, and are purveyors of a special medicinal tonic called... Continue Reading →

MaxPotential Edutherapy

Category: Education MaxPotential Edutherapy's founder and lead educator is an ambitious entrepreneur based in Singapore. She developed a unique, evidence-based program to support children with dyslexia who are often left behind in the country's public education system. She contacted me with a need for fresh content on her website that would help inform and educate... Continue Reading →

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