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Success in e-commerce has a lot to do with how well you market your product. And great marketing relies on effective, compelling, benefits-focused copy.

Buyers don’t care that a spatula is made of silicone until they know how it affects them. You want to touch on their tender pain points and dig just enough to capture their attention.

Then you want to explain how your product is going to ease their pain and eradicate it for good. In short, focus on what your customer needs first, your product second.

Sounds easy enough, right? Except it’s not. Keyword optimization has a lot to do with it too. Don’t get stuck wasting your time trying to write if it’s a painful task for you. Hire me and I’ll do it for you.

I’ve written hundreds of Amazon listings for happy customers. I offer full listings, including title, bullets, and description, as well as A+ copy (formerly EBC) according to Amazon’s strict specifications.

Here are examples:

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