Hi, I’m Colleen

I’m your copywriter for all topics related to health and well-being.

But I love to write, so I write outside that niche too.

Landing pages, blogs, research articles, SEO content, Amazon and e-commerce product listings and labels, book proposals, direct response copy, and more.

My ethos is a bit different than a lot of what’s out there. It’s inspired by a heart-centered approach to consumerism.

I care about what I write because, through writing, we contribute to a global discourse, and I want my contribution to be honest and ethical.

Learn more about conscious copywriting below and contact me if it sounds like a good fit for you.

This is Conscious Copywriting


Words influence.

Words form your reputation

Words make readers cry, cringe, laugh, bounce, and buy.

See? Right now, you’re either agreeing with me or not. 

(If you’re totally unbiased, I applaud you).

Words are squeaky, shiny, piercing, tender, soft, and rough. They scratch and claw, stroke, tickle, tease, soothe, and transform

When you’re in the market for words, ask yourself,

How do you want to impact your reader?

How do you want to affect potential customers?

If you’re about selling at any cost, I’m not your writer.

If you’re about reaching your target customer’s heart with honest, conscious copy that helps them make a meaningful discovery about what they want, then we’re on the same page.

See, usual copywriting goes something like this:

Scare a potential customer into believing they need what you’re selling, even if they don’t.

Distract them with superficial cues that provoke a pleasant but false association.

Present phony endorsements and empty promises.

Intimidate, manipulate, obfuscate, indoctrinate, accumulate. 

Why? To boost profits. 

To herd potential customers into a sales funnel that will pressure cook them into buying.

Remember, who we’re talking about. We don’t boil, strain, or funnel human beings. Soup broth yes, but not people.

It sounds strong, I know, but it’s the way many marketing campaigns go.

As a consumer, you can spot insincere sales pitches immediately, we all can.

But there are some clever marketing artists out there. 

Sometimes, a sales page will read incredibly well but it just doesn’t ring true. 

That’s because it’s not. It’s twisted to make you believe something you don’t.

It’s the voice of contrived marketing.

But not everyone listens to that intuitive voice.

They get caught up in the gold and glitter of promises. They latch onto that shiny thing that everyone else seems to want. They doubt themselves.

They temporarily change their beliefs to align with what they’re being told. 

They think the dangling carrot will improve their lives. 

Then they discover that life improvement involves more than nice sweaters and espresso makers and they feel duped.

If I’m trying to garner someone’s attention, why would I want to make them doubt themselves?

Isn’t it more effective for everyone involved in the sales process to make decisions with conviction? Appeal to the people who want espresso makers by relating to their love for good coffee and high-end appliances? 

Not everyone who buys is buying the Good Life.

They know it can’t be bought, only created. Treat your potential customer like the intelligent person they are. 

The Role of Fear

I once saw a sign in a clothing shop in a mall. It read:

nothing-haunts-us-like-the-things-we-didn-t-buy (1)

Fear is one of the most basic and intense human emotions, and marketing schemes prey on it. 

Now I do believe that the psychology behind buying is real, and if your product or service is right for a particular person, then all the emotions behind those tactics will occur naturally because that person actually needs what you’re selling.

We’re not all so gullible to believe that a new blender is going to make our lives better.

The difference is, you’re not scaring them into it. 

With conscious copywriting

You’re not manipulating. 

You’re not selling. 

You’re offering something of value and they can take or leave it, depending on what their needs are.

You’re not an expert on their needs (nor I), they are. 

Your role is to help them realize that they have the power to choose what they want. 

Then, when they choose your product or service, they’re informed, aware, and conscious.

No one’s pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes.

It’s free, fair trade working as one.

Talk about staying power.

That’s how you get repeat customers, genuine reviews, and a higher ROI, because let’s face it, money is important. 

But our livelihood? 

That’s the best of both worlds.

And it relies on the best words.

If this resonates, contact me

Let’s create conscious copy that reaches your customers and builds trust.