Happy Clients

“Extremely Gifted Copywriter”

– Gerri Cortes, Co-Founder & CEO, X Hook Media


“I couldn’t help but share this message because this woman is truly talented and she deserves the recognition.

Colleen Thornton is an extremely gifted copywriter and I’m very fortunate to have found her. We first met over a year ago, through a client back when I was working as an SEO consultant. The client showed me samples of her work and immediately I recognized her talent.

So, I contacted Colleen after that project had ended and since then she has been writing for my digital marketing agency. Colleen’s work has only gotten better over time and she has developed into quite a versatile writer, never having any problems writing in any niche. Just to top things off, she is an absolute pleasure to work with, always delivering above and beyond what we expect. She has never failed at delivering an assignment on time and her speed and turnover time is quite impressive, particularly for the standard of her work.

Colleen is also well versed with writing copy for SEO and she has displayed a vast knowledge of SEO rules when it comes to writing content with keywords. It is truly a delightful experience working with Colleen because you’re never left feeling disappointed. She still is my go-to writer for content.”

Thanks for everything Colleen 💖

“Responds to Any Writing Challenge”

– Joel Davies, Founder & CEO, Logical Mix


“Working with Colleen has been an awesome experience. We’ve been business buddies since 2017 and in that time, Colleen has been my go-to writer. She’s my resident blogger for my SEO company and she’s always up for tackling new writing projects in various niches, including IT, health, insurance, and designer rugs, for example. Her writing is creative, interesting, witty when called for, and super-tight refined when it needs to be. She responds to any writing challenge, and trust me, I’ve asked her to go out on a limb a few times and she always comes back with creative solutions to content quandaries. Colleen has also become skilled at writing for SEO and she takes initiative to learn the tech stuff she doesn’t already know. She’s right on cue with deadlines, she communicates clearly and promptly, and always delivers high quality, well-researched copy. I’m fortunate to have her on my team.

“Professionally Written, Expertly Crafted, Grammatically On Point”

– Jason Green, Owner, OmniBiotics

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“I have been continually impressed with the quality of Colleen’s writing. After going through several writers before her, her writing was such a breath of fresh air! Professionally written, expertly crafted, grammatically on point, and always interesting to read. I cannot recommend Colleen enough! I have been so blessed to have her help, and so happy to have her writing integrated into my business.”

“High-Quality, Professional Content Creation”

– Michael Deslippe, Founder, Jiva Botanicals


“Colleen has provided written content for both our company website and our blog. Her articles are well researched, very informative and engaging, and she is a joy to work with. We look forward to continuing to use her copywriting services in the future, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality, professional content creation.

“You Can See, Hear, and Feel the Experience in her Writing”

– Anjli Cummings, Founder, Authentic-East Yoga


“I had read many of Colleen’s blog before I asked her to write some pieces for my website and business. Colleen’s blogs are absolutely awe-inspiring in my opinion. Whenever I read any of her material, I always want more. She is a fantastic writer and so descriptive you can see, hear, and feel the experience as she has written it. I asked her to write some blogs on yoga for me, as I own a yoga studio, and like always, Colleen did not disappoint. Amazing writer and a simply wonderfully beautiful human being as it comes across in everything she does.”

“Creative and Versatile Writer”

– Michael Galvin, Co-Founder, X Hook Media


“I want to give a big thank you to Colleen Thornton. I’ve had the pleasure of Colleen being my copywriter on numerous projects over the past two years. She has created copy for websites, Amazon product listings, SEO optimized articles and more. She is both a creative and versatile writer as she adapts well to the needs of each project. If you are looking for a copywriter that is organized, dependable and has great attention to detail, I would highly recommend Colleen for a variety of projects as someone who goes that extra mile. Thanks for your amazing work, Colleen!”

Once again – high quality and fast service. Should be anyone’s go-to copywriter!”

– Patrick, Owner, Sockfellas

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More Satisfied Clients…


“I continue jobs with Colleen because she is wonderful at her work, easy to deal with, and honest and imaginative. Every piece has been more than I had hoped for.”


“Outstanding work, attention to details, Colleen thoroughly researched the required subject, highly recommended+++”


“This is AMAZING WORK colleen!!! YOU ARE THE BEST… i am very serious! There is not a single word I would change on your 20 pages presentation. It is much better then I would even hope for. You just became my personal copy writer for all my needs. Delivered exactly as agreed in a short time. I am PROUD to present your text! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!”


“I could not be happier with this wonderful writer! The product description that I ordered was right on point, very professionally written and delivered in a timely manner. I will definitely be back for more orders and will recommend Colleen to all my friends. Thank you!”


“Excellent writing, Colleen understands my style like no one else can and brings it to life in her awesome and creative writing.”


“Really nailed what we asked for.”

“I could not be happier with this wonderful writer! The product description that I ordered was right on point, very professionally written and delivered in a timely manner. I will definitely be back for more orders and will recommend Colleen to all my friends. Thank you!”

“I’m extremely happy. she has done a great job and walked the extra mile by adding more ideas to my script which made it much better and she was very patient and friendly. ”


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