Behind closed eyes

There is no exit point here

Only an entry

I may sit at the threshold, resisting

or walk into it, trusting

I may stand at its very centre

yet still know nothing

I may be touched again and again

with thoughts, criticisms, judgements

an aching knee

a heavy heart

a mad desire

yet not ask that they cease

Let me be open

let me be as I am

without effort or request for something different

Let me be pointless, empty, hollow

and know that this is Life

Let me be wild, immaculate, capable of anything

and know that this is Life too

From the first light of day and the pure rapture inside that moment

before the rousing of thoughts and plans and regrets

Let me be there

at that point where night meets day

and I meet Life again

just there inside that tender and lucid space

and my first breath of awareness

I’m alive, still alive

and ever so grateful

One thought on “Behind closed eyes

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  1. Hi Colleen,

    Very nice! I hope you’re keeping well. Let’s talk when you get a chance. I was going golfing with neighbours today but decided against it as COVID is so bad here and we get our shots on Sunday.

    Love you Dad xoxo



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