No labour, just love

Aren’t we all just trying to get closer to God?

Everything we do, even the stuff that seems to go against God are all just methods, attempts, grasping for an infinite source of love. For Love.

And the whole time it’s already who we are. I am loving awareness. So are you.

When you close your eyes and put your thinking mind to rest and feel that space at your heart, it’s there. You can feel it, and it radiates through your body and reaches out to merge with the world around you until you can no longer tell where you end and the world begins because your physical body now feels transparent, watery, a river feeding an ocean, a drop of water to a sea of loving awareness.

This is how big you are. This is how small you are. And at zero distance, that drop of water – you – is nothing, just empty space for it all to exist.

Yet, here we are with all our plans and problems when all we have to do is be part of this huge ocean. Be part of everything. Be part of you. Be part of me. Be part of everything you are aware of. Be part of your neighbour. Be part of the blades of grass. Be part of the sky. Be part of the pavement. Be part of the homeless guy and the bird on the line.

Be part of all the things you think you hate and you think you cannot bear and you think cannot love.

And too, be part of all the things you think you cannot live without.

Be part of it all. Be with it all. Be it all, and give up everything else.

(Inspired by Ram Dass’s teachings)

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