Jiva Botanicals

Category: Health & Wellness

Jiva Botanicals founder is an expert in Ayurveda, but because his business booms, he needed a writer who was equally passionate about this ancient traditional medicine from India.

I wrote several in-depth, evidence-based articles for Jiva on therapeutic herbs, for example, turmeric and ashwagandha, and provided several blogs on various topics.

Here are some examples:

Kitchari recipe
For those of you who’ve never heard of kitchari, you must try it! Go to Jiva’s site for the full recipe and to check out more of my blogs on various topics.


Benefits of Turmeric
See more scientific-based articles on Ayurvedic herbs on Jiva’s website


What is vata
Chapter 3 in my personal journey toward an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Check out other chapters on Jiva’s website.

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