Jiva Botanicals

Category: Health & Wellness

Jiva Botanicals founder is an expert in Ayurveda, but because his business booms, he needed a writer who was equally passionate about this ancient traditional medicine from India.

I wrote several in-depth, evidence-based articles for Jiva on therapeutic herbs, for example, turmeric and ashwagandha, and provided several blogs on various topics.

Here are some examples:

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Category: Health & Wellness

Authentic-East was founded by an ambitious and creative woman I met during Thai massage training. She built her successful yoga business from the ground up.

She reached out to me for content because of my professional yoga training and experience and interest in health and wellness.

Check out some of the interest blogs I’ve written for her followers:

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Category: Health & Wellness

Founder and CEO of Omnibiotics needed a skilled writer with a passion for wellness and nutrition. He wanted evidence-based articles related to digestive health and natural approaches to treating and preventing various health conditions.

Using my experience in academic research, I continue to create engaging articles that educate and inspire Omni readers. A strong readership reflects brand trust and leads to higher conversions.

Examples coming soon!

Kooky Kids

Category: Education

Book lovers and Kooky Kids founders needed a writer for their website. Their requirements?

Must love reading (check). Must love writing (check). Must have some professional knowledge and experience in education for young children (I was a preschool teacher for several years and a university instructor in Early Childhood Education, so check).

I am the proud resident blogger for Kooky Kids World, a website devoted to developing children’s love for books and reading.

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Art Villas

Category: Travel

The founder of Art Villas contacted me looking for a creative writer to develop a presentation script to recruit pole dancers for an exclusive retreat.

I accepted, of course 🙂

This is the raw copy he presented at a pole dancing expo in Las Vegas:

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Amazon Listings

Category: e-Commerce

Success in e-commerce has a lot to do with how well you market your product. And great marketing relies on effective, compelling, benefits-focused copy.

Buyers don’t care that a spatula is made of silicone until they know how it affects them. You want to touch on their tender pain points and dig just enough to capture their attention.

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Category: Fashion

Sockfellas founder needed some short, witty descriptions to support his brand voice and sell his one-of-a-kind socks. This is where marketing––and writing––gets really fun. Wordplay is full-on here.

Sockfellas socks were so successful that the company developed a premium line.

Here are a few of my favourites:

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Category: Travel; Education

My relationship with ESL101 began first as a teacher using the site to find international work. The site owner eventually asked me to write about my experience as a teacher living abroad. For two years I maintained a blog describing what life was like as a teacher in Indonesia, then later, a traveler, and even later, a teacher recruiter.

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Showcase Canada

Category: e-Commerce

Marketing representative of Showcase Canada contacted me with a requirement for several compelling product descriptions and direct-response copy to promote sales.

We’re all consumers, so we can appreciate how important relevance is when it comes to buying a product. We want to know that what we’re buying is right for us. That’s why most of care more about the benefits than the features of what we’re buying. Continue reading “Showcase Canada”

Kubu Jamu

Category: Health & Wellness

Kubu Jamu is a brand developed by a lovely couple I know in Bali.

Made and Onie live just outside Ubud, Bali’s quasi-spiritual hub of artists and healers, and they make incredible local food, provide fantastic tours, offer peaceful accommodation to travellers, and are purveyors of a special medicinal tonic called jamu.

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Render Developments

Category: Real Estate Development

Co-Founder of Render Developments in Toronto, Canada contacted me looking for regular articles related to virtual rendering for commercial real estate development sales.

As one of the first VR rendering experts on the local scene, Render has a strong position in the market and an outstanding reputation to maintain. Continue reading “Render Developments”

Logical Mix

Category: SEO; Digital Marketing

Logical Mix is an SEO & digital marketing agency in Whitby, Canada. For two years, I’ve been their resident blogger writing on topics pertaining to SEO for e-commerce business. The blog gives guidance and information on various subjects related to digital marketing, particularly SEO.

Check it out:

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MaxPotential Edutherapy

Category: Education

MaxPotential Edutherapy‘s founder and lead educator is an ambitious entrepreneur based in Singapore. She developed a unique, evidence-based program to support children with dyslexia who are often left behind in the country’s public education system.

She contacted me with a need for fresh content on her website that would help inform and educate parents about her program. I revamped her existing copy focusing on two key areas: expert information and language accessibility. Continue reading “MaxPotential Edutherapy”

Saroy Group Inc.

Category: Education; Professional Development

Saroy Group Inc. is an expert team of education consultants based in Toronto, Canada. The founder and director contacted me because of my expertise in education for young children (I have a Masters level education in Early Childhood Studies and years of practical experience).

I wrote several blogs for Saroy Group related to professional development for Early Childhood Educators.

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